Student Leadership

Christopher Winter

Grand Knight
Dorm: Fisher Hall 
Hometown: Greenville, MS

Finnian Sweeney

Deputy Grand Knight
Dorm: Sorin College 
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

August Berchelmann

Dorm: Carroll Hall 
Hometown: New Canaan, CT

Dorm: N/A
Hometown: N/A 

E.J. Tapia
Dorm: Pangborn Hall
Hometown: New Orleans, LA 

John Soza

Dorm: Morrissey Hall
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Matthew Hansen

Inside Guard
Dorm: Keenan Hall
Hometown: New Haven, CT 

Clayton Chauncey

Outside Guard
Dorm: Knott Hall
Hometown: Estero, FL

Michael Urban

Dorm: Sorin College
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Bartosz Karol Chramiec
Dorm: Fisher Hall

Buddy Williams

Membership Director
Dorm: Alumni Hall
Hometown: Houston, TX 

Nicholas Rotondi

Faith Events Coordinator
Dorm: Old College
Hometown: Albany, NY 


Mike Bender, PGK

Trustee (One-year)
Dorm: Alumni Hall
Hometown: Dallas, TX 

Kevin Angell, PDGK

Trustee (Two-year)
Kevin J. Angell is a doctoral student at the University of Chicago studying Political Economy. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in 2020, majoring in Economics and Political Science.  

Martijn Cremers

Trustee (Three-year)
K.J. Martijn Cremers is the Martin J. Gillen Dean and the Bernard J. Hank Professor of Finance at ND's Mendoza College of Business. His research and teaching areas are investment management, corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate law, business ethics and Catholic social thought. He serves as a trustee helping govern and advise the council. The council's former Financial Secretary, Dean Cremers frequently stops by Steak Sales to cheer members on.

Financial Secretary

Professor Michael Pries
The College of Arts and Letter's Associate Dean for the Social Sciences and a popular economics professor, Dean Pries is focuses his research and teaching on macroeconomic labor markets and financial economics. A Notre Dame alumnus, Dean Pries provides oversight over the council's finances and serves as the council's faculty adviser with Notre Dame.


Fr. Brian Ching, CSC
A Holy Cross priest and a double Domer, Fr. Brian serves as the Rector of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the Priest-in-Residence of Pangborn Hall. Fr. Brian provides spiritual guidance for the council, helping to keep the Sacraments and prayer at the heart of the council's work. Feel free to reach out to him at any time to set up a time to talk or with any questions you might have. Make sure to check out Old College's Tuesday post-Mass soirees for food and fun.


Andrew Weiss

An Alumni of Holy Cross College and Council #1477, Andrew Weiss is a member of the Supreme Knight's Club for Field Agents and the Million Dollar Roundtable – the premiere association of financial professionals. He is responsible for providing guidance on the Financial and Fraternal Benefits of membership in the Knights of Columbus to its members.

Past Grand Knights

2023-present: Chris Winter
2022-23: Mike Bender
2021-22: Brenden Quirk
2020-21: Samuel Delmer
2019-20: David Bender
2018-19: Jimmy Ryan
2017-18: John Schuele
2016-17: Brendan Coyne
2015-16: Henry Dickman
2014-15: Colin Devine
2013-14: Br. Philip (Jeffrey) Gerlomes, O.P.
2012-13: Robert Rauch
2011-12: Colton Andrews
2010-11: Robert Thompson
2009-10: Dennis Malloy
2008-09: James Redden
2007-08: Nathaniel Menendez
2006-07: Fr. Jarrod Waugh, C.S.C
2005-06: Edward Medrick
2004-05: John Watkins
2003-04: Richard Biebl
2002-03: Nathaniel Hannan
2001-02: Thomas Dietz
2000-01: Peter Breen
1999-2000: Benjamin Evans
1998-99: Jeremy Lingenfelser
1997-98: Jeremy Baltz
1996-97: Gene Silva
1995-96: Joe Finnerty
1994-95: Tim Chastine
1993-94: David Certo
1992-93: Joe Zandronzny
1991-92: Jim Harrington, Jr.
1990-91: Michael Feely
1989-90: Edmund Gomez
1988-89: John Rogers
1987-88: Scott Morrisey
1986-87: Joseph Creely III
1985-86: Joseph Piccolo
1984-85: Joseph Anthony
1983-84: Michael McCann
1982-83: Ernie Mayor
1981-82: Thomas Liebowitz
1980-81: Robert Bellissimo
1979-80: David Medley
1978-79: Steve Jucero
1977-78: Joe Antonelli
1976-77: Tom Dechant
1975-76: John Conlon
1974-75: Francis McCarthy
1973-74: John Walker
1972-73: Robert Walton
1971-72: Ryan Anderson
1970-71: W.J. Cridland
1969-70: Richard Cummings
1968-69: Michael Raylea
1967-68: Thomas Bergan
1966-67: Robert Fitzgerald
1961-66: N/A
1959-60: D. Jerry McGlynn
1910-1959: N/A