Our Building

The Council Home

Formerly the campus post office, our building occupies prime real estate at the intersection of God Quad and South Quad, between Walsh Hall and the Coleman-Morse Center.

Since 1968, the Knights of Columbus building has served as home base for the men of Council #1477 and the location of game day Steak Sales. Open 24/7 to members, the building is a great place for Knights to study and socialize.

The Saint Pope John Paul II Lounge (The JPII)

The main room on the ground floor, the JPII, named for the portrait of Saint Pope John Paul II the Great given a Papal Blessing by him that hangs on its wall, serves as the main social area of the Knights of Columbus. Home to a pool table, a dartboard, a TV, and the most comfortable couches on campus, it is a great place to meet new friends or relax with old ones.

The War Room

Just off the JPII, this room is where, according to Council #1477 legend, the famous 1920s battle with the Ku Klux Klan in the streets of South Bend was planned. An incident remembered as one of our council’s proudest moments, it is commemorated with a “Letter from a Kluxer,” pictured to the right, sent to Notre Dame’s President, angrily condemning Catholicism and complaining about the victory of the “Mackerel Snapping Anarchists” of the Knights of Columbus. Today, it serves the more mundane purposes of a study space and location for officer meetings.

The Council Chamber

Found in the basement, the Council Chambers are where biweekly General Business Meetings (GBMs) are held. It is also used for banquets and, perhaps most uniquely, as a construction workshop for the building of the Santa Maria II, the Knights sailboat entry into the 2017 Fisher Regatta. The Santa Maria II and its crew of expert sailors won the sailboat division and set the record for the longest heat that resulted in a victory. Pictured below is former Warden Mike Aumann proposing the creation of the Jedi Council #1477 along with its first meeting.