Student FAQs


What are the benefits of being a Knight?

Among the benefits of being a Knight on campus include being part of a great group of Catholic guys working to live our their faith, the ability to participate in some great service projects in the South Bend community, 24/7 access to the building for fun and studying, and a variety of fraternal events such as dinners, Game Knights, etc. There is also a great deal of free food, especially during football (Steak Sales) season. If you volunteer at Steak Sales, you also receive a free T-Shirt, hat, and food.

Because we are part of the Knights of Columbus organization, you also receive the same benefits as members at parishes around the country including a rosary, subscription to Columbia magazine, eligibility for inexpensive life insurance, and a membership card that lets you gain admittance to council halls across the country and participate in Knights events. 

What do the Knights do for fun?

A lot of the same things that normal college guys do. We hang out, watch sports and TV (sometimes on the projector in our council theatre), play yard games (mostly bags/cornhole and bocce), shoot pool, toss around our frisbee, and enjoy our building’s porch. We also host movie nights, cookouts, council dinners, etc. 

Is The Knights of Columbus A Frat? Is The Knights Building A Frat House?

No, the Knights are not a frat in the common sense of the word and the building is not a frat house.  Nobody lives in the Knights of Columbus building, though it is open to our members 24/7. Additionally, because the majority of our members are under the age of 21, requires that our building be a dry space. If you are looking for space to get the Michigan frat experience or a house to recreate Animal House, this ain’t it.

The Knights building is a dry space for Knights and their guests to use and hang out in. Students do not live in it. Think of the Knights as a great Catholic club with a building. 

Wait. What? I thought the Knights was just for old men. 

Nope! The Knights are for any Catholic man over 18. College Councils of Knights have been around since the early 1900s and have been growing since then. Since they are run by fellow college students, they are very in touch with what college guys want (and need).  

Do you wear those funny hats, hold pancake breakfasts, and sell Tootsie Rolls?

The “funny hats,” have recently been retired by the Knights across the country and have been replaced with berets. Anyways, only some of our members decide to become Fourth Degree members and have regalia, but those that do proudly wear it several times a year such as for the Vigil for the Innocents, the Marian procession, and for Holy Hours.

As far as pancake breakfasts, not in the same way as most councils. We host (free) midnight breakfasts for members during finals week, but they blow any parish breakfast out of the water. 

Finally, for Tootsie Rolls, we don’t sell them. We sell STEAK! (See Steak Sales section below)

What is the time commitment involved with being a Knight?

The Knights is an organization that you can be as involved with as much as you would like. We hope that you will volunteer at Steak Sales and at our other events as often as you can, but we understand if you have other commitments. Many of our members are in the band and can’t help with Steak Sales as a result, and we value them as much as we value any of our members. We encourage Knights to be around the building frequently; there’s always something going on, and it’s a fun place to spend your free time with your friends. 

When are your meetings?

The Council hosts its biweekly General Business Meetings (GBMs) every other Wednesday night. Typically, on Wednesdays without a GBM, there is some sort of fraternal event like a cookout, a root beer kegger, a pizza party, or a movie watch, to name a few. While there is no requirement that our members attend GBMs, make sure to attend to hear Council announcements (many of which are also sent out in our Knights Weekly email), to participate in council-wide votes, and to listen to a variety of thought-provoking and amusing lectures. 


How Much Does Being A Knight Cost? 

Dues are $35 your first year, and $30 per year after that. This makes you a member of our council and of the worldwide Knights of Columbus. At various times during the year, there will also be opportunities to purchase Council #1477 gear which is heavily subsidized by the Knights and very inexpensive. 

IMPORTANTLY, Council #1477 is committed to making full participation possible regardless of your financial situation. Dues and other fees will be happily waived in a discrete manner if need be. The process is very quick, so please do not let it be a barrier for your participation. If you find yourself in this situation, please reach out to Grand Knight David Bender (, or Deputy Grand Knight Nicholas Holmes (

How do I join?

See Joining Our Council

Steak Sales

What are Steak Sales?

Each football game day, the Council comes together to sell steak sandwiches to hungry fans outside our building on South Quad. All proceeds from the sales are donated to charities in South Bend and across the country. With lines frequently surpassing one-hundred people, the Knights fire up 12 grills to serve hungry football fans around 3,000 sandwiches per game. Some Knights begin work at 9 A.M. and continue until one half-hour before kickoff, but most Knights only serve a one or two hour shift.

How much does Steak Sales raise?

We raise a net amount of anywhere from $60,000 to $100,00 each year.

Where does the money go?

All of the money gets donated to charities in South Bend and across the country. The primary charities that we support are Corvilla Home, the Women’s Care Center, St. Adalbert’s Catholic School, and the Center for the Homeless, but we support many other charities as well. 

Are members required to work Steak Sales?

No! (But please do). Working Steak Sales is not required, but they are not possible without lots of Knights volunteering, so we greatly appreciate all assistance!